medical 5-axis milling

You’ve designed a life-saving device or implant. It’s extremely complex with incredibly exacting specifications. To be the leader, your time to market is critical. For your bottom line and patient care. LaVezzi’s advanced 5-axis milling equipment will help you quickly realize the product’s full potential.

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As the largest users of the latest model Willemin and Bumotec machines, we are capable of simultaneous 5-axis milling with a total of 10 axes of motion. This allows us to quickly and precisely machine even the most complex, multi-faceted components. Bone fixation plates, trochanteric grip plates, spinal implants, LVAD housings, pump impellers and more are no problem with our state-of-the-art, computer-controlled 5-axis milling equipment. And our engineers can turn your CAD representation into reality in little time. You’ll get to market quickly with a device or implant that provides exceptional performance.

“Excellent design to manufacturability. LaVezzi has the ability to manufacture complex parts with good quality and at good quantities. They are proactive, flexible and collaborative.”
“We have 99.8% acceptance with LaVezzi”
“Quality is LaVezzi’s company strength. LaVezzi provides good pricing, delivery and support”

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