medical component engineering supportAs a medical OEM, you’re concerned not only about quality, but about economical manufacturability. You understand that if it can’t be produced within your cost constraints, design modifications are required. LaVezzi Precision’s engineering support and prototyping capability make sure your components can be machined cost-effectively long before they hit the production line.

With extensive experience in medical device and implant machining, our engineers work with you to refine component designs and recommend materials for optimal manufacturability. We then create prototypes using the actual manufacturing and inspection steps that will be used for production runs. We believe this is the best way to prototype because, by using the same processes used in full production, we identify potential design and production issues before full production starts. You save time, money and stress knowing that, when the production line starts, every component will be right, right from the start.

From material recommendations to prototyping, our expertise combines with your specs and insight to ensure components that are not only of the highest quality, but manufactured at the highest level of efficiency.

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