quality medical componentsOUR COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT

Lessening our impact on the environment has many advantages. From cleaner rivers to more efficient, cost-effective manufacturing processes, going green makes sense. And LaVezzi Precision is at the forefront of sound environmental practices that benefit us all.

As an early adopter of environmentally friendly processes, LaVezzi has always focused on facility cleanliness. A central electrostatic precipitator continuously filters the plant air. We also contain, rescue and reuse oil, resulting in an exceptionally clean production floor, reduced costs and less waste. In addition, we use a distillation process that allows us to recycle our solvents. Another technique we employ is green passivation, using citric rather than nitric acid. Citric acid is equal to, and in some cases superior to, nitric acid for passivation. Yet it is far safer to dispose of and healthier for our employees. We’ve even started a paper recycling program to benefit local schools.

Bringing clean, efficient practices to everything we do is LaVezzi Precision’s ongoing mission.

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