The medical implants you design play a critical role in patient care. Their performance is vital to successful outcomes. Nothing can be left to chance when lives depend on your products. Only a partner that fully understands the nature of the medical implant industry and shares your dedication to exceptional performance at the point of care is qualified to machine these essential components. Fortunately, LaVezzi is just such a partner.

We specialize in the manufacturing of critical, tightly toleranced, multi-faceted components for a wide array of medical applications. Our dedication to quality at every point in the process is one reason LaVezzi is chosen to produce the intricate titanium components for the top five manufacturers of heart pumps. Working with advanced materials and state-of-the-art equipment, like our 5-axis milling systems and multi-axis Swiss lathes, LaVezzi is capable of machining to the most exacting tolerances. Plus, our control of the deburring process includes extrude honing and electropolishing so precise, burr-free results are achieved.

We specialize in medical implants for use in all areas of the human body, from head to toe, including urological, vascular, cardiovascular, dental, spinal and more.

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